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Vehicle / container inspection system JZ700-ZC-301

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This product is suitable for the inspection of highway, logistics park, public security card port vehicle, low radiation dose, convenient operation, fast and practical.
Gamma ray source cobalt 60 (0.8Ci)
Detector solid detector
Penetration of more than 170mm (steel plate) (air background behind 170mm could still be detected lead brick. The equivalent thickness of fresh farm produce vehicles full load is 150mm.)
The spatial resolution of less than 6mm (air background can be detected by the fine wire diameter) above 2 indicators as an important index of penetration type detection system in which the spatial resolution and contrast sensitivity determines the clarity of the image.
Scanning speed from 6 to 10km/h
Working environment temperature: 50 degrees centigrade
Relative humidity 5% to 95%, non condensation
The speed is less than or equal to 10km/h
Voltage and power consumption 380V, 2KW
License plate recognition system OCR
The working time of the system is 24x7x52 (hour), and it can work in a continuous day.

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