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Happy new year!
      Thank you for supporting the body in 2017! We are fruitful, stand together through storm and stress to create success!   &...
Public security checkpoint
Inspection and scanning system for the inspection of contraband goods at the bottom of the AB gate in Tianjin
Friends come from afar - welcome guests coming from the distance to visit our company!
Anti-terrorism anti-collision system roadblock machine
All over the AB gate of the big cities throughout the country, such as North and Guangzhou, simple, safe and efficient!
AB door underbody scanning, mainly to prevent the prisoners escaped from prison by car and other important places, Nanjing suoan security system throughout the north of Guangz...
Wide application of vehicle bottom inspection system in public security checkpoint
Binhai introduction Nanjing suoan bayonet, security equipment, vehicle inspection system, security doors, X machines and other security systems, security...
Warehouse explosion! Vehicle security, contracted by Nanjing suoan!!
Nanjing suoan do guarantee for the safety of the organs of government!
The comrades struggling on the project, hard!
Delivery does not stop, Nanjing suoan to serve you
[packing] double eleven activities, hot in progress! Welcome new and old customers to inquire
Double eleven, hot shipments!
Double eleven, more discount wait for you! In Nanjing suoan!
Double eleven, more discount wait for you! In Nanjing suoan!!
Still on the project colleagues hard, Nanjing suoan proud of you!
Still on the project colleagues hard, Nanjing suoan proud of you!
New product release, welcome to inquire
The new vehicle chassis safety inspection system is welcomed by all the new and old customers. 。
Welcome Russian customers to visit our company
Welcome Russian customers to visit our company
Roadblock project is closely carried out
In the close development of the roadblock, multiple roadblock systems have been installed in succession。
Nanjing suoan to seize nineteen major security stability
To celebrate the nineteen, around the strengthening initiatives, do security work Colleagues who work conscientiously on the project have worked hard! ...
Visit customers: we sell not only products, but also products and additional services.
A return visit to the Nanjing Comprehensive Bonded Zone: six years of use, all the equipment is in good condition ! What we sell is not only products, but also ...
To celebrate the nineteen: Nanjing suoan to provide security for the society
Site construction drawings
Because the focus, so excellence: technology security, Nanjing suoan never slack
Plenty of stock, welcome the new and old customers to inquire
Packing scene
Anti terrorist action, never stop - Nanjing soo security makes the world safer

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