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Yunnan Public Security Frontier Corps Nu River brute cloud frontier inspection station

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                                                                           The body installed at the bottom of an automobile security equipment of Yunnan frontier inspection station, to provide security for the frontier inspection.
In recent years, the brute cloud border checkpoint has strengthened the border control and control measures and intensified the inspection of the border management personnel.
On July 6th, the station duty officers on a train from Baoshan to the bus Liuku routine inspection, through the joint security system of people and vehicles seized car fugitives xu.
On July 8th, the station soldiers on duty in the Nu River into a routine check on a logistics vehicle, vehicle security system through the joint car seized 15 guns for civilian use more than 300 rounds of bullets.
The security inspection equipment at the bottom of the car has repeatedly found the guns and absconding characters in the bottom of the car for the officers and soldiers on duty, ensuring the security of the border.




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