Nanjing Sok An Electronic Co. Ltd. is established by the Nanjing University computer science video information processing field expert. The company is integrated the elites of the Technology Development Department and 14 Research Institutes of Ministry of industry and information of original Nanjing JieZhi branch industry and Trade Co. Ltd. into. The company currently has a strong R & D team composed of 2 professors, 3 senior workers, 5 doctors, 11 masters and so on who is Leading in the field of computer, communication, automatic control, sensor combination, etc. The company is a solutions provider with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products as the main business. Our products are involved in the fields of International leading high-end security technology, intelligent video image analysis technology, pattern recognition technology, intelligent recognition of the terminal, big data processing.

Since 2005 the companys technical staff developed the vehicle safety inspection system by Surveillance camera. And this system is widely used in the prison detention center, large-scale exhibition industry in 2006, the system filled the gaps in the patent of this product in China. At present, more than 90% of the product market is used of our product technology and the original packaging products. In 2008, we started to develop a scanning imaging system for vehicle safety inspection. In 2010,this system officially listed. Nowadays, this product is widely used in many large projects in many countries because of its advantages such as high definition color image, fast imaging, stable system, less investment and so on, such as the airport, the government, the reservoir area of Bank, embassies, ports, docks, stations, military, public security and other key places;the park entrance of key departments;Security and anti terrorism inspection of vehicles in large conferences and sports meetings and other activities;anti smuggling inspection of customs border bayonet;inspection to prevent flee in entrances of prison , work camp, detention, detoxification and other places. In order to solve the vehicle inspection of the overall safety record,We also optimized the solution,upgraded the vehicle monitoring system and vehicle camera scanning imaging system,achieved the two major system after security inspection gather image of vehicle taking and imaging multi directionally and integrate personnel related information,guarantee the high efficiency and integrity of the security inspection,to ensure that there is a source and can quickly query。Company through continuous research and development, production,at the same time, also constantly summed up the experience of market and production. In order to better products and better services to meet the needs of the development of the industrys anti-terrorism security situation. At the same time, the company had to apply for invention, utility technology, new appearance, etc. patent of software and hardware products such as scanning and imaging technology,vehicle chassis monitor etc.;We have independent intellectual property rights,is the sole professional manufacturer owned a series of products from the chassis monitoring to scanning, from front to rear,from fixed to mobile, from the vehicle chassis inspection to supporting safety protection, etc. Become a leader in the domestic and foreign vehicle safety inspection industry!Contribute all of Sok An staffs efforts for ensuring security of our country and world peace!

秒速网址 Nanjing Sok An Electronics Co. Ltd become oriented with technology innovation, unique spirit,to serve the social security and stability as the goal,for the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win with our customers,the spirit of "innovation and promote development, honesty first" of the enterprise spirit,Will be more efforts to play the advantages of enterprise two technology support,to serve the harmonious society with better technology and products,Strive for "out of Africa and Latin America",Serve every counter-terrorism corner of each country in the world,Make greater contribution to the development of global security protection technology!

Domestic professional R & D, production and sales of special anti terrorist security JZTECH products,as follows: 
1、Fixed and mobile monitoring camera system for vehicle safety inspection JZ600-D5/D6/D7/D8/D9 series(Analog HD version、Network HD version、HD-SDI Broadcast level HD products) 
2、Fixed and mobile scanning imaging system for vehicle safety inspection JZ600-D10/D11/D12 series(HD products at all levels)
3、Full range of monitoring camera management software for vehicle safety inspection D5-OS
4、Full range of scanning and imaging management software for vehicle safety inspection D10-OS
5、Intelligent controller, power supply controller
6、Laser detection with sound and light guide type vehicle inspection box;Wired/wireless radar vehicle detector; Other auxiliary equipment(Optional configuration)such as:Heavy duty anti rolling device、hydraulic pressure road hinder machine、Automatic anti collision column etc.
7、Integrated system for perimeter climbing embedded monitor ,radio broadcast and radar alarm detection 
8、Integrated system for remote control car and aircraft camera and monitoring broadcast alarm detection

Finally,Nanjing Sok An Electronic Co. Ltd.,extend our sincere greetings, high respect and heartfelt thanks to those new and old customers and partners who have been concerned about and supported us for a long time!

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